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Rental Rate: $50.00

Delivery Rate: Varies

Details: The Dog Hut is easy to clean and easy to use! Lift out tempered glass windows. The Bun Warmer is located on top for easy access. sets over the top thus provides moist heat to help keep hot dogs in a bun and foil bag warm. This is ideal for large parties or sporting events. The Dog Hut has a adjustable heating setting as well as a low water indicator. You can fit up to 200 hot dogs!! 


Hot Dog Bags50ct Hot Dog Foil Bags - $4.95

Other Item to Consider:

  • Hot Dog Steamer Cart

     Hot Dog CartFeatures Separate Compartments for Hot Dogs and Buns: Two Compartments for Hot Dogs: One is on Warm Up and Other is Ready to Serve/ One Large Compartment for Buns. Rents for only $50!

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