Canopy Tents

pole tents

Call: (847) 310-0000 to reserve. From $75 per day! - Sizes up to 30 ft x 120 ft. - Delivery Available.

Frame Tents

frame tents

Call: (847) 310-0000 to reserve. From $250 per day (includes setup). For Hard Surfaces (driveway etc.).

20' Side Wall 30' Side Wall Globe Lights - 6 Lights, 25' Coiled Strand
Sidewall Sidewall glob-lights2
Daily Rate: $20.00 Daily Rate: $30.00 Daily Rate: $30.00
26" Oscillating, Misting Fan 24" Oscillating Fan  Propane Porta Heater
Misting Fan Oscillating Fan porta heater
Daily Rate: $85.00 Daily Rate: $40.00  Daily Rate: $65.00 + FUEL



Dance FloorSize: 12' x 15'*

Rate: $195.00

Capacity: 40+ People

Details: No Grass Setup.

*Smaller or Larger floors available at a cost of $10 per 3' x 3' section.



Tents with no center poles, frame only.

Tents with center poles

Other Item to Consider:

  • Sno-Cone Maker


    Rental Rate: $45.00

    Delivery Rate: Varies

    Details: To operate, simply lift the pusher handle, fill with chunks of ice, turn on the motor and pull the handle. You can vary the fineness of the finished snow by using colder ice, putting less pressure, or setting the blades to shave more finely.
    Available Flavors:
    Grape, Cherry, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Root Beer, Bubble Gum, Pina Colada

    Optional Items

    Syrup 1 gal (makes 60-70)....$13.00

    Sno-Cone Cups (200ct)........$15.00

    Syrup Pump .........................$10.00 ($5.00 refund will be given if returned clean)

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