Canopy Tents

pole tents

Call: (847) 310-0000 to reserve. From $75 per day! - Sizes up to 30 ft x 120 ft. - Delivery Available.

Frame Tents

frame tents

Call: (847) 310-0000 to reserve. From $250 per day (includes setup). For Hard Surfaces (driveway etc.).


Frame tentFrame TentFrame Tent

 Frame Tents can be installed on Hard Surfaces (Concrete or Asphalt) or Grass. Go here for Canopy Tents

*IMPORTANT* Please notify us if you have any underground electrical or sprinkler systems (Or anything that would prohibit us from staking down the tent). This must be known because there are 3'-5' stakes that are put into the ground to keep the tents up. We can accomodate if staking into the ground would be an issue.


Canopy Tent Size Price (In-store Pickup) Price (with Setup) Available Colors
20' x 20'  n/a 300.00 White
20' x 30'  n/a 410.00 White
20' x 40'  n/a 520.00 White
20' x 50'  n/a 630.00 White


Frame tents are advantageous for applications that require the maximum usage of space under the tent top. The tent top is secured to a tent frame, which is erected and supported by frame legs around the perimeter eliminating the need for center poles. Popular applications for outdoor frame tents include, but are not limited to, weddings, trade show exhibits, graduations, parties and many other events which may require a party tent.



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