Canopy Tents

Blue and White Pole Tent White Pole TentPole Tent

Canopy Tents can ONLY be installed on Grass surfaces. For Concrete or Asphalt Surfaces go to Frame Tents

*IMPORTANT* Please notify us if you have any underground electrical or sprinkler systems (Or anything that would prohibit us from staking down the tent). This must be known because there are 3'-5' stakes that are put into the ground to keep the tents up. We can accomodate if staking into the ground would be an issue.


Canopy Tent Size Price (In-store Pickup) Price (with Setup) Available Colors Capacity Seated
16' x 16' 75.00 145.00  ColorYellow & White Striped 26
20' x 20' 85.00 160.00 ColorYellow & White StripedWhite 40
20' x 30' 120.00 205.00 ColorYellow & White StripedWhite 60
20' x 40' 160.00 275.00 ColorWhite 80
30' x 30'   390.00 ColorWhite 90
30' x 45'   585.00 ColorWhite 135
30' x 60'   690.00 ColorWhite 180
30' x 75'   790.00 Color 225
30' x 90'   970.00 Color 270
30' x 105'   1080.00 Color 315
30' x 120'   1190.00 Color 360


Pole tents provide a traditional look and feel to any event. Quality materials, attention to detail and easy installation. Canopy pole tents are great as party tents, carnival tents or any outdoor event. Side and center poles. Center poles are at 10' centers. Each tent has the ability to put up sidewalls.

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